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Spring City Cycling Club
Springcity Cycling Club

Welcome to the Spring City Cycling Club

The Spring City Cycling Club (SCCC) of Huntsville, Alabama was founded in 1892 (yes, over 131 years ago!) for the purpose of the promotion and development of bicycling for sport, fitness, recreation, transportation, and safety education. The Club organizes a wide variety of bicycling activities suitable for all biking enthusiasts. There are club sponsored rides every week throughout the year. The club participates and promotes bicycle advocacy for Huntsville and the surrounding areas. The club includes an all-women division, the Rocket City Cycle Belles (RCCB), and organizes the annual

All-You-Can-Eat Century in the fall.

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Get ready for the
the 40th AYCE September 21, 2024

Please join us for the 40th Annual All-You-Can-Eat Century.
Featuring 14 miles of new roads and the best cookies in cycling.

Registration is open now!

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Check out the recurring club rides on the Events page.

Members can also create rides for the Events Calendar. Learn how-to here!

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20th annual Ride A Metric (RAM) training series

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Rides from May to October

More info on when and where to join us:
2024 RAM Schedule

Volunteering at SCCC

SCCC Citizens Pick-up & Pitch in

Adopt-a-Mile Program

SCCC contributes to the safety and cleanness of the roadways we bike by participating in the City of Huntsville’s Green Team. In February 2000, SCCC adopted the top mile of Cecil Ashburn. The City has recognize this effort with signs marking the adopted mile with SCCC. Our volunteers conduct four litter pick-up sessions each year, helping to keep Cecil Ashburn a safe road and beautiful view.

Learn more about the Adopt a Mile Project.
Program coordinator Marjorie Holderer
(256 684-97oo) mjholderer (at)

Visit SCCC Adopt a Mile for dates and times of the next event.

SCCC Blazing the Singing River Trail Bicycle Routes

Spring City cyclists are contributing to vision the Singing River Trail by building a network of road, trail, and mountain biking routes.

Click Singing River Trailblazers and see how.


The Rocket City Cycle Belles 
are a division of Spring City Cycling Club! It’s just $5 more when you join as Individual or Family SCCC member type during signup or renewal process. If you are a household member, please contact RCCB Membership for admin-assisted member type change.


Redstone Arsenal Riders Know the Rules

New and updated regulations have recently gone into effect on Redstone Arsenal. Don't get stopped by the garrison police for doing the wrong thing or being in the wrong place at the the wrong time. Click HERE for more information.

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Be the Ultimate Ride Leader - Introduce Your Children to the Joy of Cycling


As parents, our goal is always to nurture our kids’ growth and development in the best ways possible. One fantastic way to do this is by getting them started in cycling. Helping your child learn to ride their first bike is a significant and memorable event. Sure, it can feel a little scary for us as parents, thinking about the bumps and tumbles along the way, but with some smart preparation, it’s a journey you can both enjoy. <MORE>

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