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Since most of you do not go at all to the ADMINIST...
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In the ADMIN forum on the web site there is a proposal for a grant by Grace Ragland for the Northern Alabama Mountain BikeLeague. This grant has to be approved via committee.
So, with that said, we need a committee. Since the constitution is very vague on standing up said committee, I am taking this route.
The committee responsibilities are as follows:
1. Sign into the website
a. Go to the ADMIN FORUM and read the proposal
b. Use the ADMIN FORUM message board to discuss amongst yourselves for approval, disapproval, or any compromise thereof.
c. Post in the ADMIN FORUM the committee decision

My intent is to present a check, if approved, to either Grace or Derrick at the Christmas Party. Tools at the committee’s disposal are the web site and the NOV Treasurer’s Report in the newsletter.
I will be selecting 5 SCCC members to be the committee based on timely responses to this email. The members of the committee must be SCCC members in current good standing, not officers of SCCC, or Officers (board members) of NAMTB or other organizations that may present a conflict of interests.
If I do not receive 5 members to perform this committee’s duty then I shall call a pass/no pass vote within the SCCC officers.
With the party on the 14th time is obviously compressed. But, I don’t think this is much of a challenging time line to meet. I will post the committee member names in the ADMIN forum no later than Tuesday afternoon.

Thank you
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