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New century ride
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Forwarding a announcement from Sam Kirkwood:


My name is Sam Kirkwood. I serve on the board of a nonprofit group, AAF
Tuscaloosa (American Advertising Federation). AAF Tuscaloosa is putting on
a first-year century ride, Highway 2 Hale (as in Hale County, Alabama).

I was emailing to personally invite you to the event and also see if you
could share this information with other members of the Spring City Cycling
Club or through social media or any other groups you may be affiliated with?
Being a first-year event, I am reaching out through every avenue I can to
generate awareness and support.

The event starts in Hale County, only about 10 miles south of Tuscaloosa.
The ride will be on Saturday, June 27, 2015. The event has four distances:
25, 38, 69 and 100. One of the neat benefits of participating in the ride
is your registration fee includes access to the museum at the Moundville
Archaeological Park following your ride. If you have never visited the
museum or the archaeological park, you are in for a surprise. The museum
went through a five million dollar renovation a few years ago and they
currently have numerous artifacts on display that were discovered there over
a century ago that are now on loan from the Smithsonian.

Below is a link to our website. It has route details, elevations, rest
areas, and registration information. We also have it posted on our Facebook
page as an event where updates will be added periodically.

AAF Tuscaloosa provides funding for three specific scholarships in
broadcast, marketing and advertising at the University of Alabama. Proceeds
from this ride go to support our commitments to these endeavors.

For what it is worth, I grew up in Huntsville and graduated from Grissom a
long time ago (so it seems). As a former Huntsvillian, I am banking on this
small favor (sharing the event through your available outlets).

My contact information is on the website if anyone has any questions. Any
support you can provide, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Gotta' like the century name.

Dean Della Pella
SCCC Webmaster
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