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Just an update
Lance Classen
Family SCCC
Wow what a great Officers’ Appreciation Meeting it was. Cotton Row was a great choice and with SCCC offsetting the bill it was a great night. With Drew and Ken going through the scotch like fishes through water I’m surprised we were able to maintain our 500 dollar budget. JUST kidding! We went to a Mexican restraint and paid our own bills. But, I got your attention!

We got a few things hammered out and spent some real dollars in good places. But, we’ll get to that.

The Christmas Party is 14 December at the Monte Sano Lodge from 6-9 pm. Please contact Ernie to RSVP. We are providing smoked and bbq’ed meats. Please bring a side dish and your favorite beverages. We are giving a few gifts to some of our most active ride leaders to thank them for a year of superior shepherding in all of our local areas suitable (and a few not) for riding. Thank you for the grueling climbs and spectacular views. We are also going to acknowledge our tireless RAM leaders. If you have any outstanding pictures from this year’s rides send them to Regi and we may get a slide show put together. We are looking for a few volunteers to help decorate the lodge starting at 4:30 to lighten up the hall. We are planning a few door prizes for a few attendees. You must be present to win. We also are accepting nominations for next year’s officer positions. Please email your nominations to Ernie, myself or Regi. We accept nominations for any and all positions. Even President and the coveted AYCE Director positions! We will publish the nominee names in the next newsletter. Voting will take place and be counted by the Christmas Party attendees.

We have decided to spend a few dollars in improving club equipment. We are buying two new canopies for events and for your hydration needs 10 new 5 gallon coolers. I understand your excitement, but, please don’t rush to thank us all at once.

Start gathering your comments to share with the officers as to your thoughts about the web site. Club Express has some really great features. However, I honestly feel it has a few shortcomings. We are interested in your opinions.

We are also planning on donating helmets for the Marines’ Toys For Tots again this year. Cost is still TBD on that. If you have a suggestion for the end of year community grants program feel free to use the forms located on our site to make your ideas known.

The party is going to be great! RSVP now! See you all there!

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