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Lance Classen
Hello SCCC! Long time no speak, read, or write. I'm in North Carolina for a little work and the Local riding club has accepted me with open arms. Thank you Mooresville Area Cyclists (MAC).
I seen something here cool and thought I would share it with you. The MAC has a club card. It has 15 places to stamp and a select number of rides leaders in the club have a numbered stamp. At the end of each club or local bike shop authorized group ride the riders get a stamp on a block on their card. Just like frequent diner cards. They also get a stamp for attending a members meeting. Then once their card is full the riders get 10 dollars off of 100 dollars worth of purchases at the local Bike shops.
Each Shop has its own rules for the cards posted in the shop. At one shop Limit is one card per visit, can't be combined, blah, blah, blah... One shop allows combining cards in 10$ increments not to exceed 30 dollars on 300 in purchases. One shop requires one stamp on the card from each ride leader. For example I cannot ride JETPLEX and have Julio stamp my card 15 times. I would have to attend Drew's, Holly's, or Hunter's rides across town. People would be required to attend a Slow Ride or Morgan's Saturday morning Jaunt. Maybe ease off of the gas a bit for some people and Join the TACKY Thursday rides and finish with Regi. Each shop could set its own bylaws. The twists and requirements could be endless and fun. Or Even though it isn't a SCCC function maybe a special stamp for attendance at a ABCS event, or volunteering for road side clean up. Ect.
Advantages to this program. 1, everybody gets something more for being SCCC members. 2, Local Bike Shops get business from riders wearing out, replacing, or updating gear from all this riding they are doing. 3. Ride leaders get a count at the end of the ride if people are participating in the frequent riders club. 4. At the end of the rides I seen everyone who was getting a card stamped telling the leader thank you for organizing the ride. Riders Participate in the club and may be "forced" to ride a bit more areas then just J-Plex or KEEL Mt repeats.
Disadvantage. The cost of start up. box of 500 printed business cards, 25 bucks? Stamp for leaders designated by the Rides Cpt., 10 bucks each. Then don't forget people accross town may have to approach a ride leader and say hello at th end of a ride to get a stamp. Oh the horror. "Quick that Jetplex guy tried to shake my hand. Gimmie the Purelle."
Just an Idea. As fast and as creative as the officers are I think they could really make this an item if genuine interest is shown. And I KNOW for a fact there are a few members who would be eager to give their input, at great length.
See you all on the roads,
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