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Melissa Wood, Member at Large


Melissa got into biking due to a horrible case of plantar fasciitis in 2009 that led her to buy a hybrid bike.  She bought her road bike in 2012, but until finding the Rocket City Cycle Belles, she was terrified to ride on the road! The Belles were exactly what she needed when she needed them.  Melissa now lists her favorite rides as any rides in the company of friends and fellow cyclists.  She likes doing any kind of activity with the Belles; whether it's cycling, running, hiking, meeting for coffee, or partying.  Melissa says that she would like to see more active ride leaders in RCCB so we can have more organized rides without putting too much strain on just a few people.  She would also like to see the Belles continue to be active in the community, and supporting other worthy groups and causes.