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 Spring City Cycling Club
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Session Leader Instructions:


Before and after tasks:

Pickup and return supplies and equipment from our house; at your own convenience (within the week before and after)


4116 Huntington Rd SE; utility room next to carport

            Can catchers 12

            Garbage bags (give 3 to each person = 36 total)

            Gloves (each person can keep theirs)

            Vests (14)

            (Return can catchers, vests, and excess bags and gloves after the session)


Communicate with pledges for your session during the week before.

            Determine who is coming and who is picking up during the week before.

            Determine group dining restaurant.

            If a Saturday morning session; remind them of group lunch afterwards.


Record names of folks who show up for your session (also capture the names of those who picked up earlier in the week before).


Take photographs of group with the ‘loot’ – digital best for distribution.


Make a short summary email report to project manager. It will be used for distribution to the entire patrol, the Land Trust, Operation Green Team, and SCCC newsletter editor.

            Number of bags collected.

            Names of volunteers.

            Anything interesting learned or found. (Humorous is good)


Send report and photographs to me via email; I will forward it onward to several others.

Send receipts for food (pizza or lunch) up to $75 to Laurie Volkmar (treasurer) for club reimbursement.


Day of work session:

Decide about food restaurant or pizza?

            Restaurant option:

Meet together, provide up to $75 in receipts to SCCC treasurer for club reimbursement.

Figure out how to divvy up the benefits amongst the group.

            The fewer the number, the more per person.

            Don’t forget tips in the process.


Papa John’s Pizza option:

Order pizza from Papa John’s about 1 or 2 hours prior to the session.

Usually order 3 or 4 medium sized pizzas; and have them deliver them to the top of the pass.

Phone number is 256 883-4333 and address is 2750 Carl T. Jones Dr. SE.

Allow for delivery tip and keep it all under $75.


            Wear jeans, walking shoes, hat.

            Bring water, digital camera, notepad and writing pen.

            Bring supplies and equipment.

            People forget to bring chairs, drinks, ice, napkins,

hand washing wipes, pizza cutter; bring some extras.


Arrive at the top of the pass about 5 minutes early.

            Record names and hand out supplies.

            Gloves, vests, and can catchers for 12 people.

            3 garbage bags per person


Divide people into 2 person teams (someone to chat with as they work)

Tell them it is for 2 hours and recommend not leaving early so no one is left with more work. Send 2 teams down the west side and 2 teams down the east side.


Have each team start down on opposite sides of the road and come up the other side of the road from the one they walked down.


If west side folks get done earlier than east side – ask them to

            either drive down and pick up bags to carry to the ‘rocks’

            Or also go down along the road for a quick pick up as well.

            Or special duties as assigned.


Keep yourself and 1-2 others at the parking lot to pick up the parking lot and area between the parking lot and the road. Look over the embankments for ‘dumped’ stuff.

            Go up the trail head 50 feet.

            Go to the ‘point of view’ and check that drinkers, campers haven’t left a mess in the woods.  This is near the trail head; homeless used to camp there and leave stuff.


Place bags in front of the rocks at the entrance to the parking lot.

            Someone may have a pickup that can pick up bags and haul them up to the ‘rocks’.

            I use my car trunk for this in the past and brought people back up to the top.


Take photos of the group.

Restaurant, select and coordinate payment. Submit receipt ($75) to SCCC treasurer. Scan and email works well.


Drop off supplies and equipment at my house.

Make your report and send to me and SCCC newsletter editor with photos.


That’s about it.    Marjorie Holderer  256 684-9700 mjholdere(at)