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Official Statement from Spring City Cycling Club

COVID-19 Ride Policy Update May 22, 2020:

The SCCC Rides Calendar is now accessible to Club members.  You may post rides to the calendar and the SCCC Facebook Group.  The Governor’s Safer at Home order has been updated to allow larger gatherings for outdoor exercise, but still requiring 6-ft physical distancing between non-family members of groups.  SCCC is re-starting the moderately paced and slower rides on weekly schedule.  As it is less difficult to maintain recommended physical distancing on the moderate rides, ride leaders will not need to concern themselves with enforcing gaps.  SCCC recommends that you keep your rides to less than 10 riders with adequate spacing between riders front to rear.

On rides faster than 15 or so mph, closer drafting requires that physical distancing cannot be maintained within the necessarily close confines of the fast traveling group.  USA Cycling has recently issued guidance that says that close-proximity mass-start events are high risk environments for transmission of Coronavirus from asymptomatic carriers. As a result, faster rides will remain off the calendar through June 1.  The fast Wednesday Night and Saturday Morning Downtown Rides will remain suspended until an update to the Governor’s order. 

Members may still post rides to the Calendar and make announcements to the Spring City Cycling Club Facebook Group for smaller rides.  Enjoy your rides and share them with your small group of riding partners and friends.  We hope to back to a full schedule of rides in June. 

Thank you for your understanding. Ride on in good health and with consideration for the health of our fellow citizens.